We want to be a community whose purpose is to serve one another and the larger community to make a real difference in our world.

We can't just go to church; we must be the church. We want to encourage and invite you to receive and share the Gospel.

Since July, our Food Co-op Group has tripled in size and there are now over 30 people meeting together to receive food, worship, prayer, and fellowship.

We are celebrating this great news! But, with that increase in families there comes an increased need for food. Because of this, we’re inviting 100 families to donate 20lbs of food per month for our Food Co-op.

Obviously, we want everyone at The Creek to participate in filling orange bags but we’re looking specifically for 100 families who will say, “We are all in and we want to make community and generosity a priority for our family.” So, will you join us as we continue to build community and supply food for those in need?

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Over the last few years, our Shelby Street Campus has fostered relationships with Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy and Perry Meridian Middle School.

When we asked Perry Meridian Middle School about their greatest needs, they said it’s students coming to school hungry or going home knowing they won’t eat again until the next day.

This is where you come in: there are wooden collection bins and reusable shopping bags around the building. Each Sunday, we’ll accept donations of breakfast bars, cheese & crackers, and other healthy, pre-packaged snacks. Or, you can use this Amazon shopping list to order items and have them shipped to us.

Then we will deliver these to the school where teachers will share them with students. Thank you for your desire to connect these families to Jesus!

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Other ways to donate

Food and Generous Donations

Drop-off food or cash donations at the Franklin Road campus: