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Amor Ministries

What started as a faith journey of Amor’s founders Gayla and Scott, has turned in to a global ministry with a vision shared by many. Gayla and Scott founded Amor Ministries in 1980 to address the housing needs that were keeping families apart. The first homes were built alongside families in the Tijuana dump who were sending their children to orphanages because they couldn’t provide for them. These families were desperate to stay together, but resources kept that from being possible. After learning about this, Amor’s Founders decided to do something about it. Today Amor is active in communities throughout Mexico, South Africa, and beyond. Amor Ministries does more than just make life easier for a family in need, we open hearts to truly see the grace and love of Jesus by providing security, safety, and stability. Through the time and energy of our volunteers, Amor has kept over 18,000 families together. Join us in our mission. Come build hope.